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General Information

During the submission process, you can change all details at all times.

As soon as you have completed the registration process, changes will still be possible so long as the editorial team has not yet made your publication accessible.

Corrections to documents that have already been made accessible can only be made by the editorial team in exceptional cases with specific justification.

The University Library archives all Refubium publications, indexes them, and ensures bibliographical cataloguing in Primo, supraregional catalogs, and various search engines.

Revised editions are saved as new versions (compare: Versioning).

In exceptional cases (justified by specific copyright issues) access to documents can be restricted by the editorial team.

Authors can, of course, cancel their agreements with the University Library. However, in order to have files deleted from Deutsche Nationalbibliothek's servers, authors have to turn to Deutsche Nationalbibliothek themselves.

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Freie Universität members who are in plans of editing an online pubication series can enter into an agreement with the University Library whereby the editor deals with the University Library on behalf of the authors of all documents that become part of the series.

Click here to find the text of the agreement.

If you define an embargo within the document description – most probably because of copyright issues – the document will not be made accessible before the specified date.

Important note for doctoral theses: Please consider that the receipt for your submission of your thesis to Refubium cannot be issued before the embargo period has ended.

For research data, we guarantee preservation for ten years according to the standards of good academic practice. For other publications, there is, in principle, no limitation.

Your abstract should be no longer than 40 lines (approx. 3.000 characters). That is roughly the equivalent of one page in DIN A4 format.

There are two cases to be distinguished:

1) The file has not yet been made accessible:

Yes, it is still possible to replace the file. The Editorial Team will assist you with the replacement.

2.) The file has been made accessible:

Replacement is admissible in exceptional cases only and will require specific justification (which would, in general, be based on legal grounds). Such cases will regularly involve document versioning.

Digital long-term preservation is about ensuring the integrity of digital information over time even as software and hardware environments may change.

The Freie Universität Berlin University Library guaranties unlimited accessibility periods for theses and other documents – which might include the use of object viewers. Research data will be kept accessible for at least ten years. 

Please note that for reasons of data protection, personal data such as birth place and birth date, e-mail address , matriculation number etc. must not be included in the file.
A curriculum vitae must be removed completely, or it can be replaced by a placeholder, e.g.
"For reasons of data protection, the curriculum vitae is not included in the online version". 

The purpose of the agreement is to give both sides legal protection in the publication of a work protected by intellectual-property rights. By entering into the aggreement, you allow the University Library to archive your document / your data free of cost. The University Library ensures long-term preservation. Your rights to your work remain absolutely intact.

So long as a dataset or a document has not been published, it can still be changed. You can interrupt the process of uploading your data / documents at any time, save the information submitted up to that moment and resume the process at any later time.

Datasets, once published, cannot be changed – according to the "Regeln guter wissenschaftlicher Praxis".

But Refubium has a versioning. Each version receives new identifier, old and new version refer to each other, so that they are both refindable and quotable .

In order to enter into the agreement, you have to be in possession of the intellectual property rights for the materials to be published. If you have already licensed your work to a publisher, check your contract to find out whether you have retained the right to secondary publication. Find more informationen here: Rights and Licenses

When you publish your document on Refubium, the Freie Universität Berlin institutional repository, your intellectual-property rights will remain intact. You will not give up your rights to further publication of your work in academic journals, or in book format, or on other servers.

If you decide to publish your document on Refubium, you enter into in an agreement with the Freie Universität University Library, whereby you confirm that you are in possession of the intellectual property rights for all parts of the work in question and that third-party rights, especially third-party intellectual-property and personality rights, are not affected by the publication.

No. After submission, all cocuments and research data are first visilble to administrators only. During that phase, the editorial team will check your data for formal correctness and completeness. You will receive feedback; changes will still be possible.