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Formats / Files

You should submit multiple research data files combined within a single tar/zip file.

It is recommended that you choose ASCII-compatible file formats whenever possible.

In the case of software, you should always submit source code rather than compiled code because the latter may not be executable over time.

Databases should be submitted as SQL dump in order to allow for later use – possibly with a different database management system.

Whether created in a proprietary or in an open-source environment, data should be submitted in popular exchange formats, ideally xml-based, permitting further processing either in proprietary or in open-source environments.

You can upload files up to 512 MB using the Refubium web interface.

Files no larger than 10 GB can be submitted using the synchronized safe cloud solution box.fu. In order to use box.fu, you need to have access to a ZEDAT account. For more information go to this page:


You can share a link to your data on box.fu. We recommend that you use password protection.

If the volume of your data exceeds 10 GB (as may be the case with research data) or if you (no longer) have access to a ZEDAT account, please do not hesitate to contact the repository editorial team (Redaktion Dokumentenserver).

Instead of multiple files, please submit a single tar/zip file combining all your research data files, which should include data papers and other necessary information.

Very voluminous data can be partitioned into one or more tar/zip files to facilitate later use.

OCR (optical character recognition) is used to produce searchable PDF files when digitizing printed materials.

PDF files submitted to the institutional repository have to be searchable. When files lack a layer of searchable text, the publication may be prevented from being discovered in full-text search.

We recommend you submit your PDF files in PDF/A format.

Please submit your work as one PDF file.