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Good Research Practice

As institutions dedicated to research, teaching, and the advancement of early-career researchers, universities are charged with safeguarding high academic and ethical standards.

This is a commitment that Freie Universität Berlin takes very seriously and is reflected in its seal: Veritas, Iustitia, Libertas. Honesty and integrity, fairness and trust are the principles that underpin scientific and academic work at Freie Universität Berlin. 

Freie Universität’s new Statute for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice (GWP-Satzung) was approved in October 2023 by the Academic Senate. This statute provides a framework for academic work at Freie Universität Berlin and provides a list of the rules governing good research practice. Moreover, it incorporates the guidelines of the DFG Code of Conduct for Good Research Practice in a legally binding document. The Coordination Office for Research Integrity has been established to oversee the implementation of the Statute for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice and to act as a point of contact for all members of Freie Universität Berlin seeking advice on good research practice.

Research Integrity