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Internship in Communication

Company Description

The company consists of economists, political scientists, communication experts. They advise on digitalization, sustainability, and urbanization.

Industries for consulting:

  • mobility, transport and logistics
  • technology
  • energy & renewables
  • public sector & social impact
  • culture & media
  • infrastructure
  • education & training
  • development
  • startups

Sample Projects

The IAA Conference. The official conference of the International Motor Show (IAA) on mobility of the future takes place in Frankfurt in September. Over 150 international experts from various industries and subject areas (automotive, IT, cities, science and research, etc.) will present their knowledge and views on the development of mobility over three days.

Intern’s tasks:

  • Support in creating various information materials for the speakers.
  • Consultation, coordination and communication with the international/English speaking speakers.
  • Support of the conference team with new tasks, where especially their English and communication skills are needed.

New Business. Related projects will focus on cooperation with other associations and public institutions. Here we attach great importance to projects that promote interpersonal and cultural understanding on the one hand and consider topics such as sustainability in the world of mobility on the other.

Intern's tasks:

  • Support in communication and supervision of a manageable project with the Goethe Institut
  • Creation of texts, posts for the channel*s social media, newsletter, website
  • Support in the organization of a theme evening