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Doaa Atteya

German Language Instructor

Malteserstraße 74-100, Haus S
12249 Berlin

Doaa Atteya did her master's degree at the Technical University of Berlin in German as a foreign and Technical language. Before receiving her M. A., she studied Germanistics (German philology) and Pedagogy. In 2004, she started her journey in teaching German as a foreign language (DaF). To gain more qualifications in that field, she received different diplomas in German Literature and Linguistics, Research Methods, Theories and Methodologies of Education and Instruction. She received her green Diploma from the Goethe Institute. Particularly, she is interested in discovering new teaching techniques and applying modern means of media, innovative ideas, and intercultural methodical-didactical theories in the German Courses. Therefore, she attended many workshops at the Goethe Institute in Munich, the Georg- August-University in Göttingen, and the FU in Berlin.


At the German University in Cairo (GUC), she worked for many years as a DaF lecturer for GUC students and a DaF trainer for new DaF lecturers. She ran advanced training seminars for new DaF lecturers, and she was also a mentor for DaF interns from the master's teaching program at the Universities in Leipzig and Cairo.


Currently, she is teaching different age groups, nationalities, and various kinds of courses in many Institutions like HWR, TU, GIU, and GLS in Berlin.