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DRS Postdoc Alumni

Haim Hillel Ben-Sasson

DAHLEM POSTDOC Fellowship 2017: On Repentance - A Philosophical-Theological Account

Vikram Visana

DAHLEM POSTDOC Fellowship 2017: 'Regenerating the Tribal Soul': Colonial Thought and Indirect Rule in the Sudan

Dina El-Sharnouby

HONORS Fellowship 2017: Revolutionary Youth in Egypt and Their Quest to Democratize the State

Nina Graeff

HONORS Fellowship 2017: Performing Diversity: How bodily practices sensitize for difference at an intercultural centre

Maja Grubisic

HONORS Fellowship 2017: How much light is too much? Identifying critical thresholds of impacts of nocturnal LED illumination on benthic primary producers in urban freshwaters

Harikrishnan Radhakrishnan

HONORS Fellowship 2017: MACC1 cooperates with Fas/FasL system endowing colorectal cancer cells a migratory advantage

Sophie Spieler

HONORS Fellowship 2017: Fun in Postbellum American Culture

Chong Cheng

POINT Fellowship 2016: Dendritic Polyglycerol Sulfate Conjugated Nanographene for Guiding Nerve Regeneration

Flavio D'Abramo

POINT Fellowship 2016: Cultural differences at the science-society interface. The case of informed consent for medical research given by patients with different cultural backgrounds

Andreas Elsaesser

REGAIN Fellowship 2016 : Stability of biological membranes and nanoscale clusters of membrane components as potential biomarkers

Alexei Evstratov

POINT Fellowship 2016: Watching the human comedy. Theatrical experience and social knowledge in France from Diderot to the Third Republic (1750s-1860s)

Lingyan Gao

POINT Fellowship 2016: Stimuli-Responsive Supramolecular Hydrogels for Injectable Targeted Delivery of Chemotherapeutic Agents

Julian Jansen van Rensburg

POINT Fellowship 2016: The landscape within: A multiscalar approach to place and space from a subterranean perspective.

Lukasz Krzyzanowski

POINT Fellowship 2016: Agency Through Justice: Holocaust Survivors and Post-War Trials in Poland 1944-1956

Aleksandra Lewicki

REGAIN Fellowship 2016 : Care Ethics and the Production of Racial and Moral 'Others' in Institutional Life

Simon Lewis

POINT Fellowship 2016: Poland Beyond its Borders: a Genealogy of the Kresy

Zhao Liu

POINT Fellowship 2016: Tensor network approach to strongly interacting topological nanoscale systems

Tamás Mészáros

POINT Fellowship 2016: Algebraic and graph theoretical methods in extremal combinatorics

Patrick Milton


Anna Motta


Simon Olsson

POINT Fellowship 2016: Estimation of protein kinetics by combining Markov state modeling and nuclear magnetic resonance experiments

Emina Popovic

POINT Fellowship 2016: Political Practices of Advocacy groups in China: Lobbying Activity, Resources, and Access Points

Agota Revesz

POINT Fellowship 2016: China Enters the Stage

Soofia Siddique

POINT Fellowship 2016: A Study of Male Muslim Modernity and Publicity through Later Nineteenth Century Urdu Writing

Salma Siddique

POINT Fellowship 2016: An Evacuee Cinema: Film genre and aesthetics in post-Partition Lahore 1950-1960

Elsbeth van der Wilt

POINT Fellowship 2016: Long-distance trade, monetization, marketplaces and sanctuaries in the 4th century BC: negotiating change in Egypt during the Achaemenid?Hellenistic transition.

Jan Zipser

POINT Fellowship 2016: The Przeworsk Culture in Widawa Basin. Probable Scenarios of the Settlement Processes

Anna Belogurova

POINT Fellowship 2015: Thalassocracy, Borrowed Empires, and Globalization: Chinese Networks and the Comintern in Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States (1920s-1930s)

Krzysztof Bierski

POINT Fellowship 2015: Epistemology of Inner Peace: Transcultural Approaches to Yoga Therapy for Mental Health

Oksana Buzhdygan

POINT Fellowship 2015: Using trophic network analysis to reveal impacts of plant diversity loss on above- and below-ground functions and ecosystem stability

Aideen Carty

POINT Fellowship 2015: Splintered Sparta: factions and foreign policy to c. 470 BC

Ye Sle Cha

POINT Fellowship 2015: Geometric Inequalities in General Relativity

Fei Chen

POINT Fellowship 2015: Sources and Studies on Assyrian King List

Stefano de Bosio

POINT Fellowship 2015: Toward an Epistemology of Mirror Images: Shifting Paradigms of Image Reversal in the Visual Arts of the Early Modern Italy

Maria Donten-Bury

POINT Fellowship 2015: Cox rings and resolutions of quotient singularities

Pamela Fragnoli

POINT Fellowship 2015: The organisation of pottery production and specialised handcraft at Arslantepe-Malatya and in the Upper Euphrates Valley between the fourth and second millennium BC: trends in natural source exploitation as an indicator of socio-economic changes

Mathieu Hocquelet

POINT Fellowship 2015: Organize the unorganized. A comparative ethnography of the Our Walmart national Campaign in the 'Union States' and in the 'Free to Work States'.

Daniel Hoersch

REGAIN Fellowship 2015 : Learning by building: Design of protein-based light-driven molecular machines

Ville Lahtinen

POINT Fellowship 2015: Towards computationally universal states of matter -dissipative engineering and twist defects

Marie Mallet

POINT Fellowship 2015: The role of social programs in the socio-economic incorporation of immigrants

Mathilde Noual

POINT Fellowship 2015: Time and systems

Ion Popa

POINT Fellowship 2015: The Catholic Church and the Holocaust in Romania, 1938-1948

Roman Seidel

REGAIN Fellowship 2015 : Reading al-'az'l' from a modern perspective. Towards an integrated 'intellectual history' and 'comparative philosophy' approach to the study of contemporary philosophy in the Middle East

Bo Kyeong Seo

POINT Fellowship 2015: Dialysis as an Assemblage of Care: Health, Technology, and Forms of Life in Contemporary Thailand

Brina Skvor Jernejcic

POINT Fellowship 2015: Intercultural contacts between south-eastern Alpine region and west Carpathian area in the second half of the 2nd millenium BC

Jakub Stejskal

POINT Fellowship 2015: Between Enchantment and Disenchantment: Reconciling Philosophical and Anthropological Theories of Art

Sebastian Stolzenberg

REGAIN Fellowship 2015 : Molecular Mechanistic Studies of Antigen-Loading to MHCII for the Immune Recognition by T Cells

Sanaa Alimia

POINT Fellowship 2014: Contesting Modernity and Transnationalism in Urban Pakistan: Refugees, Citizens, and Moral Street Politics

Julio Chacon

POINT Fellowship 2014: Revealing supramolecular interactions in intercalation-compounds using a combined spectroscopic and ab-initio theoretical approach

Eva Fotiadi

POINT Fellowship 2014: Aesthetics of events in public space. Performative artistic and political interventions in Athens (Greece) since 2000.

Henrik Johansson

POINT Fellowship 2014: Investigation of the B-Box proteins BBX24 and BBX25 in the context of PIF and HY5 regulated pathways

Rami Kaplan

POINT Fellowship 2014: The Globalization of the Corporate Responsibility Model: The Cases of Germany and Israel

Jin Won Kim

POINT Fellowship 2014: revealing supramolecular interactions in intercalation-compounds using a combined spectroscopic and ab-initio theoretical approach

Ling Lin

POINT Fellowship 2014: Efficient Computation of the Committor Functions and the Isocommittor Surfaces

Daniele Salvoldi

POINT Fellowship 2014: Locations, Relations and Interactions: Mapping and Interpreting the Ancient Landscape of Nubia through the Unpublished Archive of William John Bankes (1815-1822)

Gavin Slade

POINT Fellowship 2014: Gulag Legacies: Prison Reform and Prison Violence in Post-Soviet Georgia, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan

Heidemarie Weinhart

REGAIN Fellowship 2014 : From thermoresponsive surfaces to functional 3D tissue constructs in vitro - a rapid approach towards alternatives for in vivo animal models

Xiaolei Wu

POINT Fellowship 2014: Farrell-Jones conjecture for certain groups

Edgar Zavala Pelayo

POINT Fellowship 2014: Strong atheisms, modern pastorships or civic catechisms? Religious thought in Mexico?s young political elites.

Christopher Stephen Bachhuber

POINT Fellowship 2013: Ancient monuments, die Bagdadbahn, and the presence of a German Past in southeastern Turkey

Claudia Draganoiu

POINT Fellowship 2013: Syncretism and acculturation in exile nationalist mythology – the case of the 20th century Romanian exiles

Roderick Galam

POINT Fellowship 2013: Precarity and Biography: Filipino Seafarers' Negotiation of the Life Consequences of Precarious Emplyoment in a Globalized Maritime Industry

Anika König

REGAIN Fellowship 2013 : Surrogacy in International Perspective

Simon Mills

POINT Fellowship 2013: Abu’l-Fida (1273-1331), a Syrian Prince in the European Enlightment: Texts, Transmission, Scholarship

Liav Orgad

POINT Fellowship 2013: Cultural Defense of Nations: A Liberal Theory of Majority Rights

Sarah Ann Tobin

POINT Fellowship 2013: Branding Islam: Islamic Symbols in Jordanian Newspapers Published in the 20th Century

Zemian Zheng

POINT Fellowship 2013: The Interpretation of Quing and the Views of Emotion in Neo-Confucianism

Julian Cardenas

POINT Fellowship 2011: Business, Culture and Society

Olena Fimyar

POINT Fellowship 2011: Migration, Exile and Diaspora

Helen Fones

POINT Fellowship 2011: Priming by nutritional stress, pathogens and other stressors in plants and microbes

Xiaonan Ma

POINT Fellowship 2011: NanoScale Nanoscale Systems

Ioana Vultur

POINT Fellowship 2011: Problems of Modelizing Cultural History

Maria Gabriella Micale


Marcello Mogetta

COFUND Fellowship 2014: Modeling Italian urbanism in the first millennium BCE: The role of pre-urban élites in state formation at Gabii.

Catalin Popa

COFUND Fellowship 2014: The Land and Its People. Quantifying environment impact on identity in the Late Iron Age of Europe through modelling techniques.

Magali Roques

COFUND Fellowship 2014: Body, Space and Motion in Later Medieval Natural Philosophy. The Case of William of Ockham.

Tudor Sala

COFUND Fellowship 2014: Eastern Promises of Salvation: Religious Authority, Spiritual Pedigree, and the Globalization of Knowledge in Ancient Asian Christianities, c. 100 - c. 400 CE

Hanan Toukan

COFUND Fellowship 2014: From Visualization to Mobilization: The Case of Palestine in a Transnational Context Explored

Husnul Amin

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Neo-liberal globalization and contemporary Islam

Joana Cirici

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Filtrations in Rational Homotopy

Helen Dawson

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Sense of place and identity in the prehistoric Mediterranean islands

Virginia Fabrizi

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Representations of space beyond Rome in Livy’s Third Decade

Elisabet Garcia Pino

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Control of the balance of excitation and inhibition by metabotropic receptors in the auditory brainstem of the Fragile X mouse

Hassan Juma Ndzovu

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Mediated Sermons: Production, Women and Popular Themes of Muslim Preachers in Kenya

Martina Renzi

COFUND Fellowship 2013: Phoenician and indigenous spaces in Southern Iberia: innovation, interaction and transformation in the ancient economy of metals

Rob Boddice

COFUND Fellowship 2012: Compassion and the New Priesthood: Transforming the Victorian Moral Economy?

Ying Du

COFUND Fellowship 2012: Diaspora - Cultural Transformation and Cultural Identity in the frame of the Cold War: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan (1945-1960)

Susanna Harris

COFUND Fellowship 2012: Regional Costume and Identity in the Final Neolithic to Bronze Age; the Statue Menhir Evidence

Sotiris Karanikolopoulos

COFUND Fellowship 2012: Automorphisms of Algebraic Curves

Kathryn E. Piquette

COFUND Fellowship 2012: A Comparative Study of Scribal and Artistic Spaces in Early Egypt and the Ancient Near East: Integrating micro- and macro-scale analyses

Juan Francisco Pons Llopis


Stefanie Rosa

COFUND Fellowship 2012: Protein scaffolds in the coupling of synaptic exocytosis and endocytosis

Tufan Acil

HONORS Fellowship 2016-2: The Relation between Two Forms of Transgressions

David Amelang

HONORS Fellowship 2016-2: KEEPING THINGS VAGUE: Aesthetics, Politics and the Game of Indeterminacy

Christian Barthel

HONORS Fellowship 2016-1: The Origins of Ancient Monasticism. A social-historical and linguistic perspective

Anderson Abel de Souza Machado

HONORS Fellowship 2016-2: Micro- and nanoplastics, glyphosate and impacts on soil biodiversity: Identifying effects from enzymes to microbiomes in a multi-stressed system

Pradip Dey

HONORS Fellowship 2016-1: Dendritic Polyglycerol based Polyanionic Micro-and Nanogels for Stem Cell Encapsulation and Virus Inhibition

Mohamed Eissa

HONORS Fellowship 2016-1: Mosque, Church, and State: Debates on the Politics of Religion in Egypt

Jan Hormann

HONORS Fellowship 2016-1: Development of a polymer-based prodrug comprising fluorescent copper(II) cyclen DNA cleavers

Taruffi Liila

HONORS Fellowship 2016-2: Effects of Music-Evoked Mind-Wandering on Mood and Well-Being: An Ecological Momentary Assessment and Longitudinal Study