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Welcome at Dahlem Research School

Dahlem Research School is the center for junior researchers at Freie Universität Berlin.

DRS provides continuous, systematic and sustainability-oriented support to doctoral and postdoctoral researchers. It develops strategies and measures to assure and improve the quality of graduate education and, on the other hand, offers an extensive qualification program:

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In addition, DRS provides comprehensive information on doctoral studies at Freie Universität and offers individual and institutional advice. Special consideration is given to the needs of international researchers.

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Upcoming Courses

Activities by Fellows

Counseling and Advice


Dahlem Research School offers information and adivce on topics related to doctoral research, career issues and personal challenges in the research process.

Doctoral Programs


The doctoral Programs related to Dahlem Research School project a broad spectrum of research areas.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance represents one of Dahlem Research School's key tasks, and refers to the curricula of graduate programs, the work and training of doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers, and the work of DRS itself. To this end, DRS develops consistent standards that aim to safeguard high levels of quality in graduate education, doctoral supervision, and the work of junior researchers at Freie Universität Berlin.

Stay in Touch

For thorough information, support and up-to-date news please stay in touch: