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Der Info-Service ist die erste Anlaufstelle für Fragen rund um die Promotion.

Info-Service Studium answers general questions on pursuing doctoral studies at Freie Universität.
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Doctoral Studies Offices

Each academic department at Freie Universität Berlin has a doctoral studies office which provides information on the requirements for a doctorate as well as on the PhD procedure in general.

If you have specific questions about doctoral studies in your subject area you should contact the faculty members at the department of your research field.

Dahlem Research School

Different types of doctoral degree programs are integrated in Dahlem Research School. If you need more information on how to research the doctoral degree programs offered at Freie Universität Berlin, you may sign up for an appointment at Dahlem Research School. This self-assessment sheet includes questions to ask yourself before deciding if pursuing a doctoral degree is the right thing for you.

Info Sessions

Each term, the Dahlem Research School offers a number of info-sessions, in which the main features of doctoral education at Freie Universität Berlin are discussed. These sessions address organizational issues of a doctorate as well as the admissions requirements and procedure.

Downloads: Information Booklets and Application Forms

Where to Start: Info-Service

If you are interested in pursuing a doctorate at Freie Universität Berlin, contact the university Info-Service either by email or in person to get an overview of the information and advisory services available to you. The staff of the Info-Service will help direct you to further resources if need be.

Information on the submission of the copies of doctoral theses