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General Information on the Deutschlandstipendium Scholarship Program


Image Credit: Freie Universität Berlin, Foto: Patricia Kalisch

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship gives students at Freie Universität Berlin the opportunity to focus fully on their studies. Students at Freie Universität Berlin from around the world are encouraged to apply, regardless of their area of study or their social or cultural background. Thanks to support from a combination of private donations and federal funds, scholarship recipients can pursue their academic goals more easily. The program also strengthens connections between research, society, and the economic sector – a network that is increasingly important in preparing us for the future.

Target Applicants

Scholarship recipients have excellent academic records and show great potential. Freie Universität Berlin, however, takes the whole picture into consideration when evaluating applications. In addition to academic achievements, we are also interested in awards, recognitions, and other scholarships applicants have received, as well as professional experience and involvement in volunteer activities. Freie Universität Berlin also acknowledges other kinds of achievements, such as overcoming hurdles in life or pursuing your studies under difficult circumstances. We look at a range of criteria related to an applicant’s social background when reviewing applications.
You can find more information on the selection criteria here.
Further information on eligibility can be found here.

Duration of Funding

Funding is available for at least two semesters (winter semster + summer semester) and can be extended for up to the maximum number of semesters required to complete a specific degree program. You can read more about exceptions regarding extensions of your time to degree here.
Freie Universität Berlin conducts an annual performance review of scholarship recipients every year that they receiving funding. If students receive a positive review and the private portion of their funding is still available, then funding can be extended for another year.

Types and Amount of Support

Financial Support: The Deutschlandstipendium comes with a monthly stipend of 300 Euros for at least two semesters. Private sponsors, such as businesses, foundations, alumni, or private individuals, contribute half of that amount. The German federal government pays the other 150 Euros. The private sponsors decide which study fields or social aspects they would like to support with their donation and if they wish to further support their scholarship holders with internships, trainings or information events.
Non-material support: In addition to the financial support provided by the Deutschlandstipendium at Freie Universität Berlin, scholarship recipients also benefit from a rich supporting program.


Scholarships are always awarded for the winter semester. It is not possible to start the scholarship program in the summer semester.
Applications must be submitted electronically using the online application system. Application periods and further information about the application process can be found here.