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Consortium of Career Service Centers in Berlin and Brandenburg

More than ten years ago, Vereinigung der Unternehmensverbände in Berlin und Brandenburg (UVB), an overarching body representing local industry and professional associations, and the career service centers of the traditional universities and universities of applied sciences in Berlin and Brandenburg joined together to form a consortium.

All parties involved work jointly to develop the career service centers in Germany’s capital city area. This cooperative initiative has yielded not only regular events and projects that bring together representatives of the business sector, politics, and academia, but also a brochure titled “Career Services der Hochschulen in Berlin und Brandenburg” (Career Services at Higher Education Institutions in Berlin and Brandenburg) and a joint website.

UVB Contact

Vereinigung der Unternehmensverbände in Berlin und Brandenburg (UVB)
Abteilung Schul- und Hochschulpolitik | SCHULEWIRTSCHAFT | Digitale Bildung
Sophia Madeleine Gaebler 
Am Schillertheater 2
10625 Berlin
Tel.: +49 (0)30 310 05-126
Email: sophia.gaebler@uvb-online.de