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Historians Turned Eyewitnesses: How Two Berlin Program Alumni Look Back at the Wall Shattering Events

News from Nov 08, 2019

November 2019, Wittenbergplatz: The KaDeWe, Berlin’s famous luxury department store,  currently features photos of their employees who tell us where they were on the night of November 9, 1989. Literally everyone in Berlin remembers where they were and what they did. Among them, Hope M. Harrison and Susan A. Crane, two young historians who were in Berlin for their dissertation research in 1989. For the 30th anniversary of the fall of what the GDR government called Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart  (Antifaschistischer Schutzwall), Susan A. Crane, now Associate Professor of Modern European History at the University of Arizona (Berlin Program fellow 1989/90), and Hope M. Harrison, now Associate Professor of History and International Affairs at the George Washington University (Berlin Program fellow 1991/1992), share their recollections, reflections and images with us. Read our Berlin Program Wall Special.

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