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Third Generation Ost-USA Co-Founder and Berlin Program Alumna Katrin Bahr Presents Perspectives on 30 Years After the Fall of the Wall in an Online Symposium

News from Nov 08, 2019

Katrin Bahr, Victoria Rizo-Lenshyn, Claudia Sandberg, Juliane Schicker

To commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Wall, this collection of interviews hopes to contribute to the current memory debate by bringing together a range of ideas and actions that took shape in GDR society in the time leading up to the Wende. These revisions and differentiated views are also important in light of hopeful events and disconcerting developments in current Germany and worldwide – populist leaderships, nationalistic and anti-Semitic tendencies, the increased consciousness to save a dying planet, and a new feminist understanding expressed in the MeToo movement. Our interviewees also share with us thoughts and insights about why it still matters to talk about the GDR and how they connect GDR history with the current development in German society.
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Symposium – 30 Jahre Mauerfall and about

Third Generation Ost: New Perspectives on the German Democratic Republic

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