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L: Lastschrift (Berlin State Budget Code) to Leistungsmittel (Performance Incentives Funds)

Landeshaushaltsordnung (Berlin State Budget Code)

The Landeshaushaltsordnung (LHO) is a law of the state of Berlin that stipulates the mandatory basic financial and budgeting principles for the administration. Consequently, it is a directly binding law that applies to everyone involved in the administrative process. The LHO and the Regulatory Statutes for the Berlin State Budget Code (AV LHO) generally remain on a relatively abstract level. Therefore, the budget system and management of Freie Universität Berlin are supplemented with a series of FU Berlin newsletters, instructions/guidelines, information and establishment agreements, which ensure compliance with common standards and support and assist the departments and divisions in the management of budget funds.

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Lastschriften (Direct Debit Authorization)

See: Abbuchung (Direct Debits)

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Leergut (Empty Returnable Bottles and Cans)

Deposits for empty returnable bottles and cans are not refundable. This also applies to orders made via BIOS.

See: Besucherbetreuung (Visitor Support and Hospitality)

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Lehrauftrag (Contract for Teaching Assignment)

Please refer to the current version of the Berlin Higher Education Act (Berliner Hochschulgesetzes (BerlHG) for a definition of lecturer/instructor (Lehrbeauftragter). In general, applications for teaching assignment contracts have to be submitted to the relevant department administration, including a request for approval. The same applies to the settlement of accrued fees. FU-Newsletter 65/2008 provides information on the amount of fees for teaching assignment contracts.

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Leistungsmittel (Performance Incentive Funds)

Pursuant to the Higher Education Contract (Hochschulvertrag), a distribution of performance-based incentive funds among the contract universities has been implemented since 2002; during the contract period, the volume of the performance-based funds that are distributed was increased from 20% in 2006 to 30% in 2008, i.e. in the future, up to 154 million euros will be redistributed among the universities in Berlin. Moreover, the Higher Education Contract stipulates that the internal distribution of funds at the contract universities should also be aligned with these criteria.

Consequently, the fund distribution model previously used at Freie Universität Berlin has been adapted to the Berlin state model as of the 2006 budget year. The performance criteria governing the redistribution are categorized into education and studies (50 %), research and support of junior scholars (45 %), and equality and equal opportunities (5 %).

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