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J: Jahresannahmeordnung (One-Year-Period Acceptance Request/Order) to ...

Jahresannahmeanordnung/-auftrag (“One Year Period” Acceptance Request/Order)

The Hauptkasse (Cashier’s Office) uses “one year period” acceptance requests/orders to simplify the posting of incoming payments within a given budget year:

  •  for recurring incoming payments from the same origin;
  • after consultation, for university conferences, congresses, etc. funded by external funding;
  • for processing payment-intensive and frequent, allocatable payments not related to operational purposes (e.g. enrollment and tuition fees, overdue fees charged by the libraries).

The question regarding which business transactions can be handled with such “one year period” acceptance requests/orders has to be clarified in advance with the Cashier’s Office II B 3.

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