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3 | 2019

“We are very proud!”

Berlin University Alliance Wins Prestigious German “Excellence” Status – An Interview with the Alliance’s Spokesperson, Professor Günter M. Ziegler

“We can only make progress on sustainability if we work together”

Andreas Wanke, Head of the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit, talks about Freie Universität as it moves toward greater sustainability

Lessons about the Future from RoboFish and Baybie

Robots that learn, cars that drive themselves, and machines that prove the existence of God – a glimpse into the daily life of researchers at the Dahlem Center for Machine Learning and Robotics.

Sawdust over Oil

Microorganisms in wood shavings help extract raw materials for the chemical industry

History Knows No Borders

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation presents historian Max Paul Friedman from the United States with the Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award. He is currently conducting research at Freie Universität’s Institute for Latin American Studies (LAI).

German National Champion and Universiade Gold Medal Winner

Caterina Granz placed first in the 1500-meter race at the “Finals – Berlin 2019” national championships. The psychology student at Freie Universität also won gold at this summer’s Universiade in Naples.

Letters from…

… eleven countries and six continents. Today we are taking up our popular series “Letters from ...” with a new group of students reporting on their experiences abroad. Follow our new series.