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Proceedings for incoming Erasmus interns

Information for Coordinators of incoming international interns (Erasmus+ SMP)

In regard to incoming Erasmus interns, coordinators are to take following points into consideration:

  • International interns are to contact a suitable supervisor at the FUB independently. The intern discusses all modalities concerning the internship with the supervisor.
  • The supervisor is responsible for answering questions, for providing all required signatures and for the organization of a workplace and setting up Zedat-access.
  • Supervisors can turn to the department I C3 Ausbildungsangelegenheiten regarding further questions. In any case, the department is to be informed about the acceptance of interns.
  • In agreement with the Department I C3 Ausbildungsangelegenheiten, all signatures are to be provided by the supervisor.
  • Erasmus interns cannot enrol at the FUB. Thus, they cannot be provided with the semester ticket for public transportation and cannot be accommodated in housing provided by student services.