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6. What should be considered regarding the new online learning agreement?

In principle, the same points apply to the OLA as described above. If you can confirm all the information in the OLA, place your signature below it and click "Confirm". However, if there are any problems with the OLA, enter them in the "Reasons for declining" box and click "Decline OLA". The form will then be sent back to the student for revision.

You should have received a guide from Ms. Putbrese on how to use the OLA. If you do not have it, please contact outgoing-erasmus@fu-berlin.de to have the guide sent to you.

The information we provide to students on the OLA can be found here:

Feel free to also include information about the OLA on your department's Erasmus Incoming website. It is important that your area's email address that has been enabled for the OLA dashboard is here. If students enter an e-mail address in the OLA that has not been activated for the system, the OLA cannot be signed.