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Before you arrive

  1. Paths to Freie Universität
  2. Visa
  3. Accommodations 
  4. Family matters 
  5. Insurance
  6. Contact

1.  Coming to Freie Universität as a visiting scholar or scientist

There are many ways for researchers and scholars to spend time at Freie Universität, whether for a shorter or longer period: through exchanges with partner universities, with a grant or fellowship from an international intermediary organization, or as postdoctoral employees or visiting instructors. In each of these cases, you will need an academic point of contact at your host department who helps to prepare for your visit and assists you during your stay.

Supervisors must be sought out by guests themselves. Regrettably, International Affairs cannot handle this task.

 2. Visum

As a general rule, non-EU citizens require a visa to enter Germany. For detailed information on entering Germany and visas, please visit this page operated by the Berlin Foreigners Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde). If you have any questions or are uncertain about something, please consult the German diplomatic representation in your country that is responsible for you ahead of time. 

3. Accommodations

It is increasingly difficult to find suitable lodgings in Berlin. The Accommodation Service of Freie Universität assists our guests as far as possible in finding a place to live and provides a selection of useful websites for visitors to search for accommodations themselves.

Given the situation, please contact accommodation-service@fu-berlin.de as soon as possible if you need accommodations. 

4. Family matters 

As an institution that has repeatedly won the title of “familiengerechte Hochschule” (family-friendly higher education institution), Freie Universität Berlin is also pleased to welcome researchers and scholars who are accompanied by their families. For any questions you may have regarding childcare, schools, and other important family-related topics, please feel free to contact the Dual Career & Family Service anytime. 

5. Health insurance

Adequate health insurance coverage is required by law in Germany. Proof must be provided when the visa application is first submitted. Researchers and scholars who are not employed by Freie Universität can typically only obtain coverage from private providers such as Care ConceptDr. WalterHanseMerkur or Mawista. Taking out liability insurance is also recommended.