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A central objective of Freie Universitaet Berlin is to establish, extend, and coordinate international relationships. The Division of International Affairs is responsible for implementing exchange, scholarship, and mobility programs; for supervising foreign guests; and for advising those planning to go abroad. The International Office serves students, scholars, and scientists who are planning to study or work abroad, as well as those who have arrived here from a foreign country for study or research purposes.

The Division of International Affairs comprises six subdivisions with the following tasks:

  • Subdivision Policy Unit advises on international cooperation agreements and DAAD applications and coordinates the visits of delegations from abroad to FUB. It is also tasked with the administration of most of the division’s finances (budget and external funding). Finally, it runs FUB’s International House, where various international study abroad programs are domiciled.

  • Subdivision Academic Relations is in charge of the researchers’ exchanges with FUB’s foreign partner universities, the welcome services for guest researchers, the Erasmus+ program (worldwide), and the administration of the Scholars at Risk program at FUB.

  • Subdivision Student Mobility oversees the full range of student mobility programs at FUB - direct exchange, Erasmus+ (Europe) - and administers the PROMOS and DAAD-STIBET grants.

  • Subdivision Studienkolleg Preparatory Course for Students allows foreign students without a German university entrance qualification to prepare in the course of one year for the entrance exam. The Studienkolleg also offers dedicated preparatory courses for refugees intending to study at FUB or other German universities.

  • Subdivision Alumni, Deutschlandstipendien Scholarships and Special Projects for the Executive Board is responsible for the national and international Alumni activities, the Deutschlandstipendium Scholarships and for the organization of university-wide events (International Week, Ernst-Reuter-Day etc.)

  • The Center for International Cooperation (CIC) is responsible for strengthening and expanding the international research and academic network of Freie Universität in accordance with its International Network University strategy. In order to achieve these goals, the CIC makes use of a series of innovative instruments, the three most important being a worldwide network of liaison offices, strategic partnerships as well as funding programs.