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Notice of External Funding Accounts

Pursuant to section 25 (3) of the Framework Act on Higher Education (HRG), members of the university are obligated to notify the higher education institution of their external funding projects. This means that the notice form must be submitted to the relevant associate at the central university administration of Freie Universität Berlin even before an externally funded project is submitted.

Note: If the notice form cannot be opened directly in the browser, you can also open it by right-clicking with your mouse and selecting “Save document” from the menu.

  • Notice form for externally funded projects (pdf)
    Note: The PDF settings should allow you to save information in the document, but in rare cases, this is not possible due to local technical problems. In this case, we recommend that you download the notice form as a .docx file.
  • Notice form for externally funded projects (docx) and (rtf)