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Staff Going Abroad

Personalmobilität ermöglicht Verwaltungspersonal, an einer Partnerhochschule oder bei einem europäischen Unternehmen eine Fort- und Weiterbildungsmaßnahme durchzuführen.
Mobility programs for staff enable adminstrative staff to participate in traning programs at partner unversities abroad. Image Credit: David Ausserhofer

Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Teaching and Training (STT)

Erasmus+ provides teaching opportunities for the teaching staff of higher education institutions and staff invited from enterprises. Training opportunities are also available for teaching and non-teaching staff employed in a higher education institution.

An Erasmus+ stay has the following advantages:

  • stay on the basis of a coordinated training program
  • professional exchange and new perspectives
  • opportunity to strengthen your own skills
  • establish and expand professional networks

Opportunities for administrative staff in the following areas:

  • General and technical administration
  • Libraries
  • Academic departments
  • Accounting
  • International Office
  • Public relations
  • Student advising
  • Technology & Transfer
  • Continuing education

Various formats for training as part of Erasmus+:

  • Sitting in on classes or lectures
  • Job shadowing
  • Study visits
  • Attendance of workshops and seminars (no conferences)
  • Participation in language courses and continuing education courses

Erasmus+ Mobility is both within Europe and worldwide.

If you are looking for a training program, e.g., an International Staff Training Week, this tool can be helpful: