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Masterstudiengang Physik

Master Physik (SPO 2020)

    • Statistical Physics and Thermodynamics 0352cA2.2
    • Quantum Field Theory and Many Body Physics 0352cA2.4
    • Advanced Atomic and Molecular Physics 0352cA2.6
    • Advanced Biophysics 0352cA2.7
    • Theoretical Solid State Physics 0352cA3.1
    • Advanced Topics of Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics 0352cA3.10
    • Special Topics in Magnetism 0352cA3.11
    • Special Topics in Molecular Physics 0352cA3.12
    • Advanced Theoretical Biophysics 0352cA3.2
    • Modern Methods in Experimental Physics B_1 0352cA3.30
    • Modern Methods in Experimental Physics B_2 0352cA3.31
    • Modern Methods in Experimental Physics B_3 0352cA3.32
    • Modern Methods in Experimental Physics B_4 0352cA3.33
    • Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Nonlinear Optics 0352cA3.4
    • Spectroscopy with Synchrotron Radiation 0352cA3.5
    • General Relativity 0352cA3.8
    • Scientific Specialization 0352cB1.1
    • Methodology and Project Planning 0352cB1.2
    • Seminar zur Masterarbeit 0352cE1.2
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