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Student and Exam Statistics

The Freie Universität Berlin has been publishing data on its students each semester since winter semester of 1976. Information on international students, examinations, libraries, and staff were formerly reported on an annual basis. In 1995, the university started to also include international student data in the student statistical information.

For an overview on student statistics published by the university, which may be reviewed (in German only) at the university library, please click here (pdf-file).

Student statistical information (starting with the 2007 summer semester) grouped by semester may be viewed below. This information is available in German only and published each year in June for the summer semester and December for the winter semester.

summer semester 2024

winter semester 2023/24

summer semester 2023

winter semester 2022/23

summer semester 2022

winter semester 2021/22

summer semester 2021

winter semester 2020/21

summer semester 2020

winter semester 2019/20

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summer semester 2016

winter semester 2015/2016

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