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Part-time study

If you would like to utilize our teaching and support resources as a part-time student please apply including your reason with a corresponding proof for part-time status within the respective immatriculation or re-registration deadline, no later than at the start of the semester (April 1st or October 1st). Your semester fees and contributions remain unchanged during part-time studies.

A semester studied on a part-time basis will be counted as half of a subject semester (Fachsemester) and a full university semester (Hochschulsemester).

There will be no entitlement to a distinctive part-time study curriculum. Please contact the appropriate academic advisory team within your department in order to arrange the schedule for your part-time study.

Students can request part-time study approval for the following reasons:

  1. the student is working
  2. to care for and raise a child up to the age of 10 years
  3. to care for close relatives who require care within the meaning of the German Act on Long-Term Care Leave (Pflegezeitgesetz)
  4. a disability renders or chronic illness part-time study necessary
  5. while the student is pregnant
  6. while the student is serving a term in office for a body of the university, the student body, or the Studierendenwerk Berlin student union; or for other serious reasons
Please submit your part-time study application form along with the appropriate proof with the Student Administration office no later than at the start of the respective semester (April 1st or October 1st).

You may study part-time for as long as the reason for your part-time status continues to apply. Please let us know before each re-registration deadline should you wish to continue your studies on a full-time basis again. A simple letter or e-mail is sufficient; no particular form is required.

Changing to a part-time study status could significantly effect benefits you may receive from bodies not affiliated with the university, such as but not limited to BAföG student aid, child benefits (Kindergeld), health insurance, residential entitlements, tax matters, residence permit. Please clarify in advance how part-time study may affect your benefits.

Applicants are automatically enrolled as part-time students for the entire program duration when the study program is exclusively geared toward part-time study while students are working or in an activity that takes a comparable amount of time, such as continuing education programs. A separate request for part-time study status is not necessary.

PhD/ Doctoral degree candidates are kindly requested to provide additional approval issued by the respective doctoral committee.