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The locations are closed over the holidays. Please check the location sites.

You can find the open locations on our Standortseite.

The Campuscard combines our student ID with the dining hall card, the VBB transit ticket, and the library ID, all in a single card. All of the functions of the individual elements remain fully in place:

  • Check out library materials using the Campuscard
  • Use lockers
  • Load credit balances and pay at dining hall registers
  • Pay fees at the University Library
  • Use printers and copiers
  • Use the VBB transit ticket without a separate photo ID if you have chosen the photo option

The personal information stored on the Campuscard is only the library number, not your student ID number. No further personal data are stored electronically.

How do I get the Campuscard?

After you have enrolled, you will be given access to the ZEDAT portal. Here you can find the link “Campuscard” under the item “Dienste.” Once you have selected the link, you will see your QR code. You can print it out or download it to your smartphone. Next, you go to one of the dispensers to have your campuscard created. You can decide whether you want a photo on it or not. Afterward you have to validate the card at the validation machine.

After successful re-registration, the Campuscard must be validated again. The new semester will overwrite the oldest semester printed on the card if there are already two semesters on it.

Further information can be found in the FAQs.