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Image Credit: Student Marketing and Communications, Freie Universität Berlin


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我是俊熙,目前就读于柏林自由大学电影研究专业。我喜欢喝茶,咖啡和葡萄酒。是一名摄影爱好者。在柏林自由大学,我最喜欢的地方是Holzlaube旁的小狐狸雕像。在它旁边会觉得自己身在童话里,可以忘却烦恼变得开心。 柏林自由大学是学习的好地方。在许多学院中,都有由学生组织的咖啡馆,你可以在这里以合理的价格购买咖啡,和同学交流和放松。各种组织良好的图书馆提供了广泛的学习资料。漫画迷和电影迷还可以在约翰·肯尼迪北美研究所的图书馆中找到大量漫画和DVDs。在学习之余柏林也提供很好的机会去感受了解各种文化和艺术。有很多地方可以与朋友一起探索。最后,祝你在柏林自由大学里一切顺利,尽情探索柏林这座多元化的城市!

Hello everyone,

my name is Jun and I am currently studying film studies at the Free University of Berlin. I like to drink tea, coffee and wine and take pictures. My favorite thing about FU is the Fox Statue next to the Holzlaube. Next to him I feel like I'm in a fairy tale, I can't help being happy. The FU is a really good place to study. In many institutes there are cafes organized by students, where you can buy coffee at a reasonable price and chill out and chat with fellow students. The various well-organized libraries offer extensive learning materials. Comic fans and movie fans can also find numerous comics and DVDs in the library of the John F. Kennedy Institute for North American Studies. In addition, studying in Berlin is also a great opportunity to enjoy university life in this colorful city as well as studying. There are a lot of places where students can spend and enjoy freedom with friends. I then wish you all the best at the Free University of Berlin and have fun exploring the city of Berlin!

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