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Student Ambassador Program at Freie Universität Berlin

Join our team

Join our team
Image Credit: Student Marketing and Communications, Freie Universität Berlin

You are a student at Freie Universität and would like to share your experience with others? Perfect! Apply now for the fifth run of our Student Ambassador Program!

We are looking forward to applications from national and international students, who are staying at least one year in Berlin.

Last year, Ailan, CheWei, Felipe, Ishita, Julija und Stella gave many insights as weStudents. After this great run, we are now looking forward to new ideas.

Why is there the ambassador program?

Before taking up a course of study, many prospective students do not only ask themselves the (often difficult) question of what to study, but also where. Most of them have to decide on a university without first being able to have a look at it. And the closer you get to the start of your studies, the more questions arise. Especially if you plan to study abroad. You probably remember this time well. And that's exactly why you are needed in this program.

Your input as an ambassador should support prospective students by introducing the university from your point of view and by reporting authentically about your experiences. By using videos, photos, short articles published on the social media channels of Freie Universität Berlin, and by hosting digital meet-ups, prospective students will gain an insight into student and campus life at the university. Furthermore, you can provide first-year students with helpful information that makes their student onboarding smoother.

What are your tasks as an ambassador?

Generating ideas within the team, finding topics, setting priorities and summarize in a concept.

Afterwards you show student and campus life by:

  • taking pictures
  • shooting short videos
  • writing articles for social media and website
  • hosting digital meet-ups

We are looking forward to your creative ideas and your active work. We will talk with you and the other ambassadors in advance about the tasks everyone will take on, you do not have to be an all-round talent.

We will provide you with a smartphone, accessories as well as apps for editing and postproduction.

Why should you become an ambassador?

You will get:

  • a remuneration for the duration of the cooperation (approx. 4 months, 8 hours per week)
  • a certificate of participation in the Student Ambassadors Program
  • a training (photos and short videos for social media)
  • the opportunity to bring prospective students closer to real university life and help first-year students by providing helpful information
  • the great experience of participating in an exciting program ;)

Who can become an ambassador?

Enrolled national and international students of Freie Universität Berlin who

  • study Bachelor or Master programs (the subject is irrelevant)
  • are students or exchange students for at least one year
  • have time (on average eight hours per week, including weekly update meetings with the Student Marketing and Communications Team)
  • are fluent in spoken and written English at a very good level,
  • want to work creatively

Apply now!

You can apply soon via the online application form. Furthermore, you should submit a photo and a short video (Instagram-Reel or -Story) you would create if you were already a student ambassador. You can choose the topic. Please send us the files via WeTransfer.

When does it start?

There will be short interviews to get to know each other and to pull together the Ambassador Team 2024. The team should then start with brainstorming and conception, before the shootings begin.

Further Information

If you have any questions regarding the Student Ambassador Program, please contact the Student Marketing and Communications Team: studierendenmarketing@fu-berlin.de

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