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Talking about Sustainability

In this video series our researchers and management staff share their thoughts on their current research and campus projects as well as on questions that intrigue them about the topic of sustainability. The contributions of our international researchers’ and managers’ community are as diverse as the subjects they work on. Here, we offer a glimpse into a few of our projects from all partner universities. This section will continuously be updated, so remember to drop by regularly.

Interview with Brigitta Schuett

In this short video Brigitta Schütt, Professor at the Institute of Geographical Sciences and Vice President of Freie Universität, talks about her fascination for water, her research in landscape archaeology and the importance involving local stakeholders in in her research. In her capacity as Vice President she explains her aims of fostering sustainability in teaching at Freie Universität.

Interview with Miranda Schreurs

Miranda Schreurs is the Director of the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) at Freie Universität. Here she explains why sustainability issues are a fundamental part of her research and what we can learn from comparative politics in this field.

Interview with Andreas Wanke

What are the central tasks of the Sustainability and Energy Management Unit at Freie Universität? In this short video Andreas Wanke, head of the unit, explains that for a successful energy and sustainability management technical improvements and participatory methods need to go hand in hand.

Interview with Xue Ling

What are major sustainability issues in China? Xue Ling, associate professor at Peking University’s School of Government provides insights on this question. He talks about the development of urban and regional sustainability as well as the tasks China is facing regarding urbanization.

Interview with Nikolai Bobylev

Nikolai Bobylev, associate professor from St. Petersburg State University, focusses on climate change, biodiversity and urbanization in his research. He is especially interested in three dimensional city planning. In his interview, he explains the advantages and the positive sustainability effects of urban underground structures.

Interview with Theocharis Grigoriadis

Siberia is the second biggest lung of our earth and there is a huge potential for renewable energies in Russia. Learn more about the opportunities and challenges the development of sustainable energy supply faces in Russia in the interview with Assistant Professor of Economics at Institute for East-European Studies, Theocharis Grigoriadis. He is an expert for comparative economic system, political economics and economic development. Theocharis regional focus is on post-soviet space and the Middle East.

Spring Campus 2017

The Spring Campus 2017 addressed the topic "Societal Transformation to Sustainability: Universities as Pacesetters?". The video of our Opening Day event with keynotes from politics, civil society and academics from UAS partner universities captures the great atmosphere and diverse discussions of this event.

Learning for a Sustainable Future

What does “Education for Sustainability” mean? And how can universities contribute to a hands-on school education? Program Manager Karola Braun-Wanke of the Schools@University for Sustainability + Climate Protection project at Freie Universität answers these and further questions in this short video.

Interview with Thomas Borsch

Thomas Borsch is the Director of the Botanical Garden and Botanical Museum in Berlin and Professor for Systematic Botany and Plant Geography. In this video you learn about the mission, the workings and impact of a Botanical Garden.

Interview with Karsten Schomaker

Karsten Schomaker is the Departmental Manager and Head of Technics, Infrastructure and Environment at the Botanical Garden and responsible for its environmental management. He talks about challenges of operating a world heritage Victorian glasshouse and preserving traditions while implementing innovative solutions for saving energy.


Engaging the whole university community is the motto of SUSTAIN IT!
This video offers a short introduction of SUSTAIN IT!, the initiative for sustainability and climate protection at Freie Universität.

UAS Teaser

The University Alliance for Sustainability combines the strengths of five strategic partner universities to develop joint research, teaching and campus projects on the topic of sustainability. We offer exchange options for students, faculty members and administrative staff from across faculties and the universities to promote sustainability discourse throughout whole institutions.

Climate Change and Climate Justice

UAS Fellow and Director of the Environmental Justice Institute (EJI), Dr. Götz Kaufmann established a virtual classroom seminar on Environmental Justice with participants from Freie Universität Berlin, Hebrew University of Jerusalem and other international universities in the summer semester of 2016. Here you find an overview of the virtual classroom sessions organized by Götz Kaufmann.