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PKU Delegation, August 2016

Freie Universität Berlin regularly hosts guest researchers in the framework of the Unviersity Alliance for Sustainability. It was with great pleasure that the project team welcomed a delegation from Peking University for strategy talks and meetings with various FUB researchers. Prof. Li Guoping, head of the Institute for Development Studies, Prof. Xue Ling, Prof. Sun Tieshan and Dr. Wu Aizhi from the School of Government visited FUB from August 15-16. The PKU representatives were very interested in issues of sustainable campus management and research in the field of sustainable urban and regional planning.

Andreas Wanke, head of the Unit for Sustainability and Energy Management and Katrin Risch, Program Manager of the University Alliance for Sustainability welcomed the delegation and gave a comprehensive introduction to sustainable campus management. Matthias Kuder of FUB’s Center for International Cooperation provided further insights into the opportunities of the strategic partnership of PKU and FUB. Afterwards the delegation received further insights into energy management and sustainability issues during a tour of the FU campus.

On the second day the Chinese researchers presented their work to the working group of Prof. Sahar Soudodi who is leading the research on “Urban Climate” at FUB. The talks found great interest among all workshop participants and the basis for further cooperation projects was laid.

Experts from the Environmental Policy Research Center provided further insights regarding the German energy transition and governance aspects. Prof. Miranda Schreurs and her team were also interested to learn more about ideas on sustainable urban development in China.

The fruitful talks will be continued during a workshop held in middle of October in Beijing. Researchers and management staff will use this opportunity to explore further options for cooperation in the field of sustainability research, teaching and campus management. The exchange will be organized in the framework of the “University Alliance for Sustainability”.