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UAS Travel Guidelines

Within the framework of the University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS), Freie Universität Berlin, together with its four strategic partner universities – the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel), Peking University (China), St. Petersburg State University (Russia), and the University of British Columbia (Canada) – will focus on sustainability as an overarching theme for collaborating in research, teaching, and campus management.

The UAS mobility program offers the opportunity of a research stay abroad to academics of all levels, from students to leading scientists, as well as to university administrators. This generates significant travel between the partner universities. In the first funding period (2015-2018), 244 trips were funded.

As an international network committed to promoting sustainability, such a comprehensive mobility program requires special reflection and guidelines. The UAS therefore implements the following travel guidelines to bring the implementation of the mobility program in line with our sustainability commitment.

The travel guidelines will apply to all staff and guests associated with the University Alliance for Sustainability, with the aim of prioritizing sustainability considerations while building a strong international network. These guidelines can also be used to inform UAS partner universities and inspire the wider academic sustainability community to take appropriate steps of their own.


Participants travelling in the framework of the University Alliance for Sustainability commit to:

  • Critically evaluating the necessity of their business trip:
        • Is a physical presence really necessary?
        • Is there the possibility of participating in this meeting remotely?
  • Foregoing short-haul flights (under 1000 km) in favor of more environmentally friendly travel options, like train – in case of the UAS, this would especially apply to domestic flights
  • Reviewing whether they can combine necessary journeys with other professional activities to maximize the benefits of the business trip
  •  Following the decision tree included below before making a travel decision.