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Radostina Schivatcheva

Radostina Schivatcheva | Freie Universität Berlin

Radostina Schivatcheva | Freie Universität Berlin

University Alliance for Sustainability Junior Research Stay at St. Petersburg State University October - November 2015

Environmental Policy 

As part of the University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) program Radostina Schivatcheva was awarded the opportunity to undertake a two-month research stay at Saint Petersburg State University in order to develop her PhD work on the issue of “Education for Sustainable Development – a perspective from the Russian Federation”.

The research visit will pay particular attention to the educational strategies aimed at communities and especially the role of the University as an authoritative source of knowledge and education, as well as to the policies that encourage their participation in governance not only as knowledge recipients, but also as legitimate and authoritative sources of knowledge.

To this end she will not only conduct research at national scale in order to identify the existing environmental education policies at the juncture between conservation and development, but will also carry out a more detailed case study on a local scale. Thus ‘zooming in’ to a concrete location will allow her to explore how the global policies, transposed into the national legislation, further find practical implementation in a given locale and the role of sustainability education in their successful functioning.

A complete report is available here.