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Inka Bormann

Inka Bormann | Freie Universität Berlin

Inka Bormann | Freie Universität Berlin

University Alliance for Sustainability Senior Research Stay at University of British Columbia October 2015

Educational Sciences 

Inka Bormann is professor for General Education and deputy representative for internationalization at the Department for Education and Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin. Over the past decade she has realized a number of research and development projects in the context of Education for Sustainable Development. Her research focuses on the transfer of innovations within multi-level and multi-actor systems and networks, its monitoring and the role of social trust within these processes.

In her stay at University of British Columbia Inka Bormann wanted to explore prospective joint research and teaching collaborations related to Education for Sustainability and Governance of Sustainability. Furthermore she conducted research on the implementation of Education for Sustainable Development in curricula.

A complete report is available here.