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Götz Kaufmann

Götz Kaufmann | Freie Universität Berlin

Götz Kaufmann | Freie Universität Berlin

University Alliance for Sustainability Senior Research Stay at University of British Columbia September - October 2015
Hebrew University of Jerusalem December 2015 - January 2016

Environmental Policy

Götz Kaufmann graduated in political science (2003) and obtained a doctoral degree in environmental sociology (“magna cum laude”, 2012).

He has held professional research posts in Brazil, Argentina, Australia, and Canada dealing in areas such as globalization, political economy, political ecology, environmental justice, sustainable development, and climate change. His overall field of expertise is methods.

He is the founder of the Environmental Justice Institute (EJI) and leads the research team of his postdoc (habilitation) project CC-VISAGES, which is located at the EJI and the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU). He works as a lecturer at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU) teaching courses on environmental justice, social movements, and environmental policy in Brazil and Germany.

The Environmental Justice Institute (EJI) is a virtual academic think tank. It was legally founded by registration on April 4, 2014 in Germany’s capital of Berlin in order to provide an international platform for academic exchange between students, young research fellows, and experienced scientists in the field of environmental justice research. Therefore, the Centre for Environmental Justice Research was established. Through our network of experts from all over the world, we assist researchers to find helpful contacts in the region where they seek to conduct their research. Additionally, the institute offers its service of consultancy and training to governmental and private research facilities or schools. The EJI considers itself as a non-profit endeavor to establish and foster environmental justice research. Herewith, it is walked by the idea that the concept of environmental justice is needed to find sustainable solutions for the environmental problems mankind faces today and will face in the future.

A complete report is available for his stay at UBC and HUJI.