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Barbara Saerbeck

Barbara Saerbeck | Freie Universität Berlin

Barbara Saerbeck | Freie Universität Berlin

University Alliance for Sustainability Explorative Research Stay at St. Petersburg State University November 2015

Environmental Policy

Dr. Barbara Saerbeck is a Research fellow at the Environmental Policy Research Centre (FFU). She is in charge of the project “Behind the Scenes: Understanding the Hidden Influence of Treaty Secretariats on International Environmental Policy-Making” of the DFG-Research Unit “International Administration”.

Her current research focuses on the role and influence of supra- and international public administrations in national and international politics as well as on German and European environmental politics. She is interested in defining those mechanisms that enhance an actor’s ability to potentially influence policy making, thus adding to the knowledge of the workings of IRA in the grey zone between administration and politics. As a research fellow at the “ARENA Centre for European Studies” in Oslo (2012), she focused her work on the democratic implications arising from strengthened administrations for the inter-institutional balance of European institutions.

A complete report is available here.