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Anne-Mareike Chu



University Alliance for Sustainability Student Research and Study Stay at Freie Universität Berlin November 2015

Environment and Sustainability 

Anne-Mareike is a Master of Science student under the supervision of Dr. John Robinson. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Physics with a secondary major in Philosophy from the Dresden University of Technology, Germany (2012). Presently, she is a trainee in the Sustainable Building Science Program at UBC. She has been a researcher in the nationwide research study Building Performance Evaluation of Leading Canadian Green Buildings. The project was initiated by iiSBE Canada and undertaken by researchers from the University of British Columbia, Manitoba University, and Ryerson University with support from Stantec and NSERC.

Anne-Mareike’s current research focuses on the energy performance of certified sustainable buildings in British Columbia and evaluates reasons for the occurrence of discrepancies between predicted and actual performance. This study based upon design documents, a literature review of performance studies, and interviews seeks to provide a more comprehensive understanding of reoccurring reasons for gaps in the buildings’ performances.

A complete report is available here.