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Angela Leggett

Angela Leggett | Freie Universität Berlin

Angela Leggett | Freie Universität Berlin

University Alliance for Sustainability Junior Research Stay at Peking University September - October 2015

Environmental Corporate 

As part of the University Alliance for Sustainability (UAS) program Angela Leggett was awarded the opportunity to undertake a six week research stay at Peking University, to further the development of her PhD project, which investigates Civil Society Organisation (CSO) monitoring of Environmental Corporate Social Responsibility (ECSR) in China. Having almost completed two semesters at her home institution, the Graduate School of East Asian Studies (GEAS), Freie Universität Berlin, the exchange with the UAS this year provided an extremely valuable opportunity to connect with scholars at PKU, enrich her theoretical understanding and lay the groundwork for more intense empirical field work in 2016.

A complete report is available here.