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REFROM Group Meeting in Salzburg

International Networks as a Trigger for Innovation: Introducing the UAS at the REFROM Group Meeting in Salzburg

News from Sep 09, 2015

The University Alliance for Sustainability was introduced as one of the strategic projects to the participants of the 20th REFORM Group Meeting in Salzburg. The REFORM Group (Restructuring Energy Systems For Optimal Resource Management) is an international network among research organisations, universities, SMEs and decision makers involved in the scientific and technical system of research and policy consultancy in the energy field. Established in 1991 by Prof. Atle Midttun and PD Dr. Lutz Mez with the aim of fostering interaction and transfer of knowledge between research, policy, politics and innovation and accelerating the transformation of the energy system, the core group has grown to over 50 members.

Program Manager Katrin Risch held a presentation on the topic: The Potential of International Networks to Trigger Innovation: The “University Alliance for Sustainability” introducing the strategy of the UAS and international networks for fostering the sustainability issue at higher education institutions.