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Guest Lecture at St. Petersburg State University

UAS Fellow Radostina Shivacheva discusses European approaches to conservation and sustainable development with SPbSU students

News from Dec 02, 2015

The department of environmental security and sustainable development of the regions at the Institute of Earth Sciences, St. Petersburg State University held a student seminar on „Environmental assessment and sustainable development".

The main speaker was UAS Fellow Radostina Shivacheva, PhD candidate at Freie Universität Berlin. Her report focused on the work of the EU in addressing growing urbanization and the loss of biodiversity by the introduction of transnational and European nature conservation policies. 

Shivacheva introduced students to the EU biodiversity conservation program „Natura 2000", which aims to establish a broad, international network of protected nature sites for the implementation of innovative approaches, not only to preserve but also to participate in the management of public resources. Particular attention was paid to the implementation of „Natura 2000” in Bulgaria.