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GAUSF Summer Program 2015

Students and Scientists from Free University participated in GAUSF Summer Program

News from Aug 03, 2015

The network of “Green Alliance of Universities for a Sustainable Future” (GAUSF) was founded in 2014 by the Peking University (PKU). This year July 10-19 the alliance’s first summer school was held.

Thanks to scholarships provided by GAUSF, students and scientists from Freie Universität Berlin and 10 other international and Chinese partner universities could participate the summer school in the Chinese southern province of Gizhou.

Under the issue of “Local Wisdom for Sustainability in the Anthropocene” PKU prepared lectures about climate policy, biodiversity and agriculture and several excursions to Gizhou’s villages for the participants.

The excursions enabled participants to expand their knowledge about the inhabitants’ lives and their traditional way of economizing.

Altogether, the summer school successfully stimulated plenty of discussion about sustainable development.