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UAS-Fellow Rosaria Di Nucci presents research results at UBC

On October 16th, 2019, Dr. Maria Rosaria Di Nucci presented preliminary results of the WinWind-Project at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver

News from Nov 17, 2019

The presentation entitled "Wind Energy Social Acceptance: Forces, Factors and Policy Frameworks at Play in Europe", given by Dr. Di Nucci at the invitation of the UBC, illustrated insights from the H2020 WinWind project coordinated by the FFU in front of a Canadian audience of scientists, university staff and students. It took place in the Policy Lab, the CIRS building and was organized by the Institute for European Studies in cooperation with the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS). The CIRS (Centre for Interactive Research on Sustainability) is the first building to be LEED Platinum certified by UBC, a "living laboratory" that will help drive research and innovation on global sustainability challenges. The Senior Researcher Stay took place as part of the University Alliance for Sustainability between Freie Universität Berlin and the University of British Columbia.

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