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Guide "Sustainability Governance at Higher Education Institutions" published in English

Sustainability Governance Guide- Front Page

Sustainability Governance Guide- Front Page

New publication by Inka Bormann, FU Berlin, Marco Rieckman, University of Vechta et al.

News from Jun 07, 2019

The cross-sectional area of governance deals with the structural conditions and institutional mechanisms of university sustainability. The “Sustainability Governance at Higher Education Institutions” guide focuses on requirements for success in the implementation of sustainability at universities. Additionally, it presents measures of university sustainability governance particularly concerning the establishment of structures and processes through which actors from all university fields of action are involved in the university's sustainability process and with which a transformative effect can be achieved in the long term.

The guide’s findings are based on the evaluation of a comprehensive empirical study conducted at the eleven participating HOCH-N universities in Germany. Representatives from all areas of higher education were interviewed: students, researchers, the university management, administrative staff and sustainability coordinators. The guide evaluates findings also presented in the Management Workshop at last year’s UAS Spring Campus Conference 2018 where we had the chance to get first-hand information on the experience and research outcomes and discuss the implementation at Higher Education institutions (HEI) together with Inka Bormann. For further information have a look at her presentation here.

The complete guide is available online here.

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