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New Working paper on a Global Plastics Treaty published



Learn more about “International Cooperation for the Protection of Global Public Goods- Towards a Global Plastics Treaty” in the new UAS Working Paper by Ina Tessnow-von Wysocki.

News from Jun 03, 2019

The working paper focuses on the rising problem of marine plastic pollution and how an international legally binding agreement could be designed to appropriately address the problem.

Ina Tessnow-von Wysocki elaborates in her Master Thesis on existing efforts to prevent plastic pollution and identifies gaps in marine plastics governance. She compares the design of two treaties that aimed to solve transboundary pollution problems and demonstrates the importance of treaty designs for contributing to success of the regime by setting incentives for participation and compliance, as well as deterring non-compliance.

The research for this paper was mainly conducted during a UAS Student Research Stay at the University of British Columbia from August 6th - October 25th 2018.

Please find the complete Working Paper here.

The UAS Working Paper Series serves to disseminate first results of ongoing research about sustainability issues and questions. Through publishing, we aim to encourage the exchange of ideas. Therefore, feel free to share the UAS Working Papers with your colleagues and fellow students! For further information on recently published papers and programs, please see the UAS Pool here.

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