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New UAS Working Paper published


Image Credit: Stabstelle für Nachhaltigkeit und Energie

News from May 13, 2019

Dongping Wang’s analysis shows, that like most of the developing countries around the world, China is struggling to achieve a balance between climate protection and economic development. Specifically, the research paper focuses on a low carbon community pilot initiative in China. The author elaborates on institutional challenges regarding climate policy and the opportunities and barriers faced during the implementation of the pilot initiative, while including relevant data and providing the reader with interesting insights into sustainability related efforts in China.

The research for this paper was mainly conducted during a UAS Junior Research Stay at the Peking University from October - December 2016. Please find the complete Working Paper here.

The UAS Working Paper Series serves to disseminate first results of ongoing research about sustainability issues and questions. Through publishing, we aim to encourage the exchange of ideas. Therefore, feel free to share the UAS Working Papers with your colleagues and fellow students! For further information on recently published papers and programs, please see the UAS Pool here.

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