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Evaluation responses of the Spring Campus Conference 2019


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A big thank you to all participants who completed our evaluation. Your feedback will help us planning the 2020 event and we are looking forward to hosting next year’s Spring Campus Conference already.

News from May 01, 2019

Dear Spring Campus Attendees,

Thank you all for taking the time to complete our online evaluation. We were overwhelmed by the high response rate - over 50% of conference participants shared their experiences with us. Your feedback contributes to our analyses of the conference experience and your thoughtful comments included inspiring new ideas regarding the topic, program and organization for the coming year.
In the following months, we will work to set up a promising, diverse program for the Spring Campus Conference2020.

We were very happy to read that almost all of you rated the organization of the event as very good or good. Overall, especially the atmosphere and fruitful exchange was very much appreciated. For next year, we will particularly consider suggestions for more exchange among the different workshops, e.g. in the plenary sessions. We were especially happy about the great interest in contributing to or even convening a session at next year’s conference!

We will publish the dates for our Spring Campus Conference 2020 by end of May.

You will always find the latest updates on our Spring Campus proceedings at our conference website, as well as information on our general UAS activities on our UAS website. We warmly invite you to connect with us on LinkedIn and join the UAS Group on this platform.

Many thanks and best wishes from Berlin,

The UAS Team

46 / 100