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New Publication “Strategic Networking for Sustainability”

New Publication

New Publication

Katrin Risch, Andreas Wanke and colleagues of the Leuphana University Lüneburg published a new article on Sustainability Networks.

News from Dec 21, 2018

“Global sustainability problems such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and poverty are leading to major socio-ecological change, prompting us to accelerate joint efforts to achieve a more sustainable and just future. Higher education institutions (HEIs), as places where future citizens are educated, knowledge is (co-)produced, and developments are critically reflected, can play a key role in addressing sustainability challenges.” This thesis is investigated further in the published article and gives suggestions how this role can be defined.

Together with colleagues from Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Katrin Risch and Andreas Wanke have published an article entitled "Strategic Networking for Sustainability: Lessons Learned from Two Case Studies in Higher Education".

 The article appears in the Special Issue "Sustainable Development and Higher Education Institutions: Acting with Purpose" and is a result of our joint workshop at the ISCN (International Sustainable Campus Network) Annual Conference in Stockholm in June.The ISCN has around 90 universities worldwide, including Harvard, MIT, Yale and ETH Zurich. The article focuses on the lessons learned from the BMBF-funded HochN project and our University Alliance for Sustainability.

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The article is available here.

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