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Junior Research Stay: Paper published

Figure 1

Figure 1

A comperative evaluation of air pollution for Berlin and Beijing.

News from Jan 08, 2018

Huidong Li, PhD Candidate at Institute of Meteorology of Freie Universität Berlin conducted a Junior Research Stay with the topic of "Comparative evaluation of the influence of air pollution on urban heat island for Berlin and Beijing" at Peking University from June and July 2017. The paper he worked on during his stay is now published in Science of The Total Environment.

Figure 1: Spatial patterns of (a and b) the Landsat LST (Land Surface Temperature) and (c and d) ISA. The (a) and (b) show the retrieved LST at time 9:53 UTC, 28th April and 9:55 UTC, 9th July 2010, respectively. The (c) and (d) show the raw ISA and regionalized ISAKDE. 

Li H, Zhou Y, Li X, et al. A new method to quantify surface urban heat island intensity[J]. Science of The Total Environment, 2018, 624: 262-272.