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Spring Campus of the „University Alliance for Sustainability“



The Spring Campus of the University Alliance for Sustainability will take place from April 9-13, 2018 at Freie Universität Berlin. The conference will be on the topic: “Moving Beyond the Ivory Tower: How do Science and Universities Contribute to the Sustainability Transformation?”

News from Dec 01, 2017

Following a whole institution approach, the Spring Campus will bring researchers, management staff, as well as PhD candidates and students together to contribute to the discussion of the event’s topic. Coming from different disciplinary, professional and cultural backgrounds, the participants share their perspectives on the critical impact science and universities have on the global sustainability discourse. With the conference the Alliance aims to contribute to spreading innovative ideas, interesting research and sustainable campus solutions across the globe and to spark extended dialogue between all stakeholders on campus and beyond. 

Further information and a complete program of the Spring Campus 2018 will be available on this website soon. Until then we invite you to browse the documentation of the previous conferences.