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Workshop “Challenges and Chances for Sustainable Water Management in China”


Image Credit: Eva Sternfeld 2008

UAS Fellow Eva Sternfeld organized an international workshop at the Confucius-Institute at the Freie Universität Berlin.

News from Sep 05, 2017

In June 2017 the workshop brought together scholars from China, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands and Germany for an interdisciplinary exchange on issues related to sustainable water management in China. Besides the importance of integrating traditional knowledge into modern concepts of sustainability, the following major issues have been discussed: How are inherent water risks (such as extreme water scarcity in many parts of the country including important economic regions, disastrous floods, water pollution, impacts of climate change) addressed in China and mitigated by human interventions? What kind of strategies are developed to approach the water-food-energy security nexus and to regulate increasing competition between rural and urban water users?

The workshop united different academic perspectives and identified a number of potential fields, where collaboration would be beneficial such as improving water quality and biodiversity, improving water management for hydropower and agriculture uses, flood and drought management. Beyond the focus on water the integration regional markets was identified as an important topic for further research. A detailed report of the workshop was published in the Berliner China-Hefte and is available here.