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PKU visits FUB Sustainability Days

PKU visits FUB Sustainability Days

PKU visits FUB Sustainability Days

Visitors from the Peking University engaged in various green campus activities.

News from Jul 26, 2017

In the beginning of July, two colleagues from Peking University who visited the Freie Universität Berlin in the framework of the Networking and Erasmus Mundus program experienced how sustainability is communicated by FUB students.

Under the motto “It’s easy being green” the sustainability days raised awareness for sustainable lifestyles and consumption patterns. A bicycle repair café, a do-it-yourself workshop and an upcycling sewing workshop demonstrated how to extend products’ lifecycles. In addition, people were invited to grab a bite in a joint Eat-In or to simply relax in a self-made, green balcony.

The Chinese guests joined the workshops and activities enthusiastically and got in touch with volunteer students from Sustain It, who will visit Peking University this fall.

More information on SUSTAIN IT!, the University Alliance for Sustainability and the Sustainability Days can be found on the corresponding websites.