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International Student Workshop in St. Petersburg

Irina Shmeleva and the workshop participants

Irina Shmeleva and the workshop participants
Image Credit: Stanislav Shmelev

Students from Germany, Poland and Russia met in St. Petersburg to discuss ideas on how to make cities and universities green, sustainable and livable

News from Apr 28, 2017

From April 18 to 20, students from Freie Universität Berlin, HCU Hamburg, University of Hamburg and Gdańsk University of Technology were invited to the ITMO University of St. Petersburg. With support from the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and the Institute of Sustainable Development Strategy, the Institute of Design and Urban Studies arranged a platform for exchange of experiences and knowledge for the participating students. The conference provided valuable input through talks and lectures from professors, students and representatives of think tanks and the local city administration. Equipped with multiple perspectives on sustainable city development, the workshop participants conducted field observations of three different areas of the ITMO university campus. Following this, problems and sustainable solutions were identified and discussed in an interactive session. The interdisciplinary and international composition of the workshop participants facilitated innovative ideas to improve parts of the University Campus. During the next weeks, the cooperation will be pursued further in order to compile realistic approaches and recommendations for improvement of the observed areas.